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Email marketing with display advertising

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Email marketing with display advertising

Guppy Direct is a performance-based email marketing service with display advertising. Utilizing our internal email database, we can reach over 3 million game subscribers with highly targeted display advertising. By integrating email marketing into a display ad campaigns, we can boost subscribers’ response rates and lower the CPC rate.

We ensure the proper placement of your CPI campaigns by using a mix of RTB market and in-house display inventory. We only work with premium direct display publishers. You pay only for the predetermined CPI.

Display channels

We understand that it’s important to know where your traffic is coming from. Guppy Direct has transparent traffic sources. Our channels include Guppy Games, RTB, Facebook, and APIs.

Guppy Games

Guppy Games

Guppy Games is our very own traffic source.

Demand Side Platform


Open mobile RTB Ad Exchange provides instant access to a huge display inventory in real-time.



With a huge user base, Facebook is a great way to connect with your audience.



Our API gives us access to many developers’ publishing inventories.

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